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Ergonomic access

Optimal view and direct access to the farthest corner provides the highest level of comfort.You no longer have to kneel on the kitchen floor to dig out fallen pots and bowls from the turnabout.

SPACE CORNER cabinet solution

Using Blum’s SPACE CORNE corner cabinet solution, you can utilise storage space even into the farthest corner.

Blum’s Sink Drawer 

The Blum sink solution uses the spaces on the side and underneath the sink.
Many useful cleaning materials are organised and stored here ready for use.It is perfect solution for the sink cabinet. The cabinet solution makes use of the space all around the sink bowl.

SPACE TOWER – pantry solution

The SPACE TOWER optimises the storage space avilable in the pantry cabinet by utilising individual pull-outs instead of shelves. The fully extendable pull-outs come out all the way giving you access from all three sides.Even items stored in the bottom farthest corner are easily accessible. Pull-outs fitted with ORGA-LINE iternal dividing system will keep your pantry organised

A lid for every pot

The ORGA-LINE inner dividing system from orgainises pull-outs ensuring everything has its place and is easy to access.

In the cooking area pots and lids are clearly separated using a cross divider. Even cookware can be stored right where its needed.This provides quick and easy access.

Empty plastic containers

Empty contains such as Tupperware need their own space. Pull-outs fitted with ORGA-LINE inner dividers are a good choice here since they provide
a lot of storage in the smallest space possible.

ORGA-LINE for drawers

ORGA-LINE containers or flexible utensil dividers can be arranged as required, depending on the item being stored. Cutlery and so much more stay perfectly organised in the high quality, hygienic stainless steel trays.

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